Sue Kruszewski

Sue Kruszewski (B.Ed., C-IAYT, RYT200) is a teacher, yoga therapist, energy healer and founder of Elemental Motion. Her clients lovingly refer to her as their 'movement medium' and 'cosmic cleaning lady'.

Sue combines her formal training and in-depth knowledge of the physiology of the body with her highly intuitive capacities. She is recognized for her ability to help people get out of pain, improve their function and help them integrate body, mind, breath and spirit to find wholeness. She offers support and solutions for chronic and acute illnesses and conditions ranging from physical concerns to mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Sue compassionately supports women who are experiencing high stress, anxiety, and chronic pain and who are feeling stuck in life or boxed in. Through movement practices, alternative medicine and energy healing, she guides them towards greater well-being, cultivating inner peace, mindfulness, and vitality by helping them reduce their pain and befriend their body. With Sue's gentle guidance, they find clarity, direction, and renewed self-confidence, leading them to unearth a more joyful, connected life. Embracing a healthier physical body, stable mind, balanced emotions, and connection to themselves and to Spirit, they are empowered to pursue their dreams and experience the magic of a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

She offers integrative and specialized movement and energy healing sessions in south Edmonton. Her primary focus is working with clients on an individual and customized basis, drawing from the extensive training and experience in multiple movement and energy healing disciplines, to support their goals. Her one-to-one programs are specialized, unconventional, sometimes a little bizarre, magical and highly effective in helping reduce pain, improve function, and integrate body, mind and spirit. Sue’s overall desire is to support people in ways that allow them to live and enjoy their lives more fully.

She is a mother to 5 grown children and enjoys spending time in nature with her husband, kayaking, camping and going on long hikes. She is a life-long learner and has recently discovered a love of mushrooms on her hikes in Edmonton’s river valley. You can find her meandering the trails in Whitemud Nature Reserve, her favourite location.

To find out more about how you can get out of pain, move with ease and integrate body, mind, breath and spirit, reach out to Sue today! You’ll be amazed at what is possible.

Sue Kruszewski, yoga

Sue Kruszewski
Elemental Motion Founder
B.Ed., C-IAYT, RYT200


Training and Degrees

  • Functional Medicine Mentorship, Innate Immunity - 2022
  • Intuitive Healer Training Program - 2022
  • Vagus Nerve Mojo, Dr. Perry Nickleston - 2022
  • Lymphatic Mojo , Dr. Perry Nickleston - 2022
  • Kripalu School of Outdoor Mindfulness Leadership - Mindful Outdoor Guide Level 1 - 2021
  • The Wisdom of Trauma: Reclaiming Wholeness, Dr. Gabor Mate - 2021
  • Wim Hof Method - 2021
  • Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Four Winds - 2020
  • Resistance Stretching, Jules Mitchell - 2020
  • The Body as a Map, Power Path - 2020
  • Standard First Aid with CPR & AED training, Swoop First Aid - current
  • Reiki Level 2 - 2019
  • Reembody Method Practitioner Apprentice - 2018
  • Kegal Mojo Pelvic Floor Training - 2018
  • Reiki Level 1- 2018
  • Medical QiGong Level 1, Dr. Aung - 2017
  • Brain and Sensory Foundations Level II, Sonia Story - 2017
  • Yoga Therapist Certification, 2016 (IAYT Accredited Program – C-IAYT)
  • Reflex Integration & Rhythmic Movement Level 1 - 2016
  • Somatics Intensive, Nadine Saxton - 2016
  • Ayurveda workshop, Matthew Remski - 2014
  • Mantra workshop, Yvonne Werkmann - 2014
  • Pelvic Floor Workshop, Shelly Prosko - 2014
  • Introduction to Meditation, 7 week, Buddhist Society for Peace and Meditation - 2014
  • Kinesiology of Yoga & Yoga Therapy Certificate, Functional Synergy - 2014
  • Yin Yoga Certificate, Bernie Clark - 2013
  • Registered Yoga Teacher - 2012
  • Rubimed Therapist Training (Psychosomatic Energetics) Level 1 - 2013
  • Bachelor of Education, B.Ed. – 1987

Partner With Sue

Healing happens in a safe space -- either in person or remotely -- with a gentle, intuitive approach to help you ease, explore, and express.

  1. Healing means going deeper and deeper into yourself with a gentle and persistent practice of calming and EASING the pain, anxiety, and nervous system so you're open and ready to listen to your body.
  2. Then, intuitively and curiously, through guided movement, you'll lean into your body's invitation to EXPLORE what's truthfully going on within. Your body is teaching you where you're craving freedom from the "boxes" you've been living in.
  3. Finally, with my unwavering support, you will bravely break beyond those boxes and create motion where you've been stuck. You'll leave the pain behind as you EXPRESS yourself fully and evolve into a truer version of you.

The healing happens most in the expression!


You're Ready for the Good Stuff!

Imagine how it would feel to let go of the boxes stopping you from fully expressing yourself with freedom and ease and to feel AMAZING in your body because of it!
Imagine age is not a limiting factor - that life just gets better into your 40s, 50s, and beyond.
That, instead of remaining stuck or sliding backwards, you continue to move more because movement is expression and one of life's greatest joys.
If you're ready to explore, I'm ready to take you there. Let's co-create some magic together!

What Our Clients Say About Sue

Certified Yoga Therapist
RYT 200 Yoga Alliance

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